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For most men, it is important to test out male enhancement products before purchasing them in order to ascertain their effectiveness, and the effects they produce, whether positive or negative. However, buying a sample may not be the best choice, as it may be too expensive and might not even be the best choice. This, therefore, results in the search for free samples and trials of the products.

The search for penis enlargement products continues to dominate most searches on the internet. As smaller sizes continue to be blamed for lower sex drive and poor sex lives, there is an increasing need for a solution to the problem.

As such, companies worldwide have increased the production of enlargement pills, most of which claim to have a money back guarantee. A quick web search will show that the internet is full of fraudsters and scammers, willing to take advantage of people looking for free samples of male enhancement products.

Free Male Enhancement Pills Offer by Viabestbuy

Free Trial Pills to Last Longer in Bed

When it comes to online drug stores that offers free pills for real, viabestbuy.com stands out with it deals and offers on free samples of male enhancement products. it will not be 100% free though.

Free Cialis Offer by Viabestbuy

Free Cialis Offer by Viabestbuy

Viabestbuy.com provides free samples of the product, with the customer only needed to pay $29 for shipping. viabestbuy.com deliveries usually take up to 7 days for all USA cities. it offers discreet packaging and all their medications are FDA approved. Moreover, viabestbbuy.com Moreover, with viabestbuy.com, the customer gets a 25% discount if he pays in bitcoins. Also, an order above $150 guarantees free delivery by the company.

Free Enlargement Pills

It is important to note that offering you a free trial of the product will eventually benefit the company. As such, it is necessary to delve into details of the most famous and widely used male enlargement product in the market, VigFx.

VigFx is an organic health and male potency supplement manufactured in the United States of America. VigFx is similar to its earlier produced counterpart, VigRx, although VigFx is said to produce higher virility and extended release. VigFx is available in capsule form, improved from its earlier tablet form. The capsule provides an extended release, which means that the effect of VigFx is enjoyed for a longer period of time.

VigFx is normally a non- prescription drug. As such, you can easily purchase it at most local drug stores and pharmaceuticals. The male supplement has proven to have a 90% absorption rate, a quality that has led to an increase in its fame over the years.

Normally, it is quite easy to purchase VigFx. However, for most people who would want to test out the drug before using it, manufacturers of VigFx offer free trials. Most manufacturers offer a 15-day free trial. This is as opposed to the normal purchases which include a 30, 60, 90, or 180- day supply, of which there are no shipping costs. However, these free trials are applicable for USA locals only.

It is important to note that effects of VigFx are usually reported within 30 days of taking the drug. As such, the 15-day trial may be less effective to most users. Full results are usually reported after approximately 90 days. Also, the drug may not work if extensively used every day.

VigFx has been linked to various positive reviews such as increases virility and sex drive, better mood during sexual intercourse, reduced or no erectile dysfunction and an increase in energy levels. However, use of VigFx has also been known to cause stomach pains when taken after meals. As the drug is made out of natural products, it registers little or no side effects. A typical dose for VigFx includes taking the capsule two times before sexual activity. VigFx is expert-approved and has been termed as ‘Natural Viagra’.image1 19VigFx Bottle

VigFx Bottle

Free Sample ExtenZe

ExtenZe is also an all-natural male enhancement supplement produced by Biotab Nutraceuticals. It has been ranked as one of the top 3 natural enhancers. ExtenZe is a time-tested product that receives praise worldwide for its ability to produce no harmful side effects and its long-term results. The drug is known to increase the size of the penis after just a few weeks of using it. It is a non- prescription drug locally available in most drug stores.Most online drugstores and websites offer free samples of ExtenZe to USA and Canada

Most online drugstores and websites offer free samples of ExtenZe to USA and Canada. If you desire to obtain the free samples, you only need to pay $0.97 to cater for shipping and handling. The trial lasts for a week. The websites usually requires details such as your name, address, Zip code, email address and your country of residence.

ExtenZe Bottle

ExtenZe Bottle

Another website, ExtenZe Information, offers a free 14-day trial for which you have to pay $9.95 for shipping and handling. The payment has to be made via credit card. Totally! Free Stuff is a website that also offers a 1-week free trial for USA locals only. For this free trial, you are required to pay $0.97 for shipping.

All in all, ExtenZe is known to enhance sexual desire, pleasure, and performance, and purchasing the drug usually presents you with a 30-day money back guarantee. Most manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies that sell ExtenZe usually offer discretion, live customer support, discount packaging and gifts such as ExtenZe personal lubricant.Xanogen Free Samples

Xanogen Free Samples

Xanogen is known to stimulate penis growth within the first week of its usage. Its mechanism of action usually involves increasing the body’s production of testosterone. Xanogen has proven to work best when used with HGH Factor, a combination that has shown results within just 2 days of its use. Like most other male enhancement products, Xanogen free trials are usually available but you are required to pay a certain amount for shipping and handling. Xanogen Bottle

Xanogen Bottle

Xanogen Bottle

Because Xanogen and HGH Factor have produced the best results when used together, most websites provide samples of the two products together. Xanogen and HGH Factor official websites usually require that you enter your personal details and credit card details before obtaining the free samples. The shipping cost is usually $4.95 for each of the two products.


In brief, free samples and trials of male enhancement products are readily available and easily accessible over the internet. Most websites and online pharmaceuticals offer free trials for the non- prescription drugs. However, it is imperative to take extra care when signing up for the free trials and samples. Read the terms and conditions clearly before agreeing to anything.

Most websites use free trials to lure unsuspecting customers to fall into their traps and scams. For one, most websites usually fail to disclose (or do so very remotely) that once the free trial is over, the customer will be continually billed, usually every 30 days. Revealing your credit card details while signing up for the free trial is, therefore, a way of acquiring your information in order to charge you for their products. As such, be very careful while reading the fine print associated with free trials of the products. All in all, take a look at our Top List of Online Drug Stores and Pharmaceuticals.

In conclusion, it is noteworthy that viabestbuy.com offers great offers and deals for male enhancement products. For one, customers may pay in bitcoins, a payment method that attracts a 25% discount. Also, for orders above $150 , shipping is done free of charge. viabestbuy also has numerous coupons that slash prices of their products. An example of such a coupon is one which offers you any 200 ED pills for $179. Moreover, all orders made on viabestbuy.com come with a total of 30 free pills of generic Viagra, Cialis and Viagra Soft absolutely free!